Faith Formation

Discovering our Catholic Faith

Faith Formation is a lifetime journey for everyone - at every age and stage of life. The information received about our Faith informs our knowledge, which, if taken to heart, not only forms us by giving us a place of reference from which to live our live,s but hopefully encourages a deep prayer life in order to not just know about God, but more importantly to truly come to know God.  Our faith formation in and of itself, is a lifetime process forming us along the way. After all, it’s about a Divine, unconditional relationship with God and, like any relationship needs time to develop and mature. We are always being formed by an amazing, loving God.  That searching and yearning we experience within our deepest selves is God inviting us continually to know Him ever more intimately.

Faith Formation for Children and Youth

The Cathedral provides weekly Faith Formation classes for school aged children and formation before First Eucharist and Confirmation. A post-Confirmation Youth Group integrates high school students into the life of the parish.

Faith Formation for Adults

The Cathedral provides a variety of faith enrichment opportunities for adults, including Scripture Study classes, Catechism discussions, Catholic themed book clubs, instruction for adults interested in becoming Catholic (RCIA), and classes for baptized Catholics who need to complete the Sacraments of Initiation.  What better way to model the importance of faith development to our children than to seek continued faith development as an adult?

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