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Vigil of the Two Hearts

Friday, February 5th - Saturday, February 6th

Join us in the Cathedral for an overnight vigil to honor the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to pray for our families, offer penance for our sins, and pray for our nation’s conversion. This is to honor Our Lady of Fatima’s request for prayer and penance. Vigil begins at 8:00 PM on Friday, February 5th followed by a Holy Hour of Reparation at 9:00 pm and nocturnal adoration. Saturday Mass will be offered at 8 am on February 6th. Our First Friday celebrant is TBD

First Friday Mass:    8 PM
Holy Hour of Reparation: 9 PM
Nocturnal Adoration:   9 PM - 8 AM
First Saturday Mass:   

8 AM


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